Tight security for Shaheed Dibos observance

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DHAKA : Stringent security measures have been taken across the country especially in the large cities for peaceful observance of the Shaheed Dibos and International Mother Language Day tomorrow.

Police and Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) have taken special security measures at Central Shaheed Minar at divisional cities and district headquarters across the country with deployment of law enforcers in large numbers and installing Closed Circuit Camera Televisions (CCTVs) and archways.

Intelligence surveillance has been intensified aimed at warding off any sorts of criminal activities centering the observance of the Day. Check posts have been set up at different strategic points across the country to make the security foolproof.

“RAB personnel in large numbers have been deployed across the country to ensure overall security for peaceful observance of the Shaheed Dibos,” Director General (DG) of RAB Benazir Ahmed said today while elaborating on their security arrangement.

“Bomb squad and striking force of the RAB have been kept ready to face any untoward situation,” he also said.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has taken a four-tier security measure for Central Shaheed Minar and its adjoining areas alongside with a three-tier security arrangement taken by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) for smooth and peaceful observance of the Shaheed Dibos.

“Necessary security measures have been taken at Central Shaheed Minar and its adjoining areas with four-tier deployment of law enforcers for peaceful observance of the Shaheed Dibos,” said DMP Commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia.

“Appropriate numbers of archways and closed circuit camera televisions (CCTVs) have been installed in all the entry gates and strategic points of the Central Shaheed Minar to make the security foolproof,” he said, adding that a cell has been formed to monitor the CCTVs round the clock.

“None will be allowed to enter the main venue without search while sweeping will be conducted by the dog and bomb disposal squads,” he said. Plain clothed law enforcers have been deployed alongside with setting up of watch tower to bring the Central Shaheed Minar area under special security surveillance, he also said.

Special security measures have been taken for the foreigners and diplomats to ensure their security, he informed.

Route map: The ‘Ekushey Udjapan Samonnay Committee’ on Saturday finalized a route map for going to the Shaheed Minar on the historic Shaheed Dibosh on Tuesday. The route map would come into force from 8 pm on Monday.

According to the route, people will enter Azimpur graveyard through the old High Court road, Doyel Crossing, Bangla Academy, TSC crossing, road beside Vice-Chancellor’s residence and New Market crossing.

After offering fateha at the graves of the martyrs, they will come out through the main gate (south) of the graveyard and go through Azimpur Road, Palashi crossing and Fuller Road.

Those who want to go to Shaheed Minar without visiting the graveyard will use the road on the west of Zahurul Huq Hall after crossing the vice-chancellor’s residence.

The Shaheed Minar could also be reached through the road in front of Home Economic College and Eden College via Azimpur crossing and Palashi crossing.

From Chankharpul area, people can go to Shaheed Minar through Bakshibazar crossing, Palashi crossing and the road in front of Jagannath Hall.

It is noted that the road on the east of Jagannath Hall from TSC will remain completely closed.

After placing wreaths at the Shaheed Minar, people will go through the road in front of the university playground, Doyel Chattar and Chankharpul.

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