Tarana blasts BNP for misruled, corruption

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SANGSAD BHABAN : State Minister for Telecommunication Tarana Halim today dubbed BNP leaders as “champion of corruption’ for their misrule, plundering public money and patronizing anti-liberation forces when they were in power.

“BNP’s founder General Ziaur Rahman also cancelled ‘Dalal Act’ and gave scope for collaborators for doing politics in the country,” she said.

Taking part in the general discussion on the thanksgiving motion on the President’s address to the the House, Taran Halim hailed the present government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for carrying forward the country towards development by reducing poverty to a significant level.

She said cutting poverty, implementing various projects and ensuring stability in society and progress in economic sectors are the major success story of the government.

The state minister thanked the President for giving a timely speech highlighting the success stories of the government and guiding the nation towards peace, progress and prosperity.

She said the density of telecommunication in the country reached to 78.96 percent, while 13 crore people are using mobile phone and 6.69 crore people internet.

“Bangladesh is in the ninth position in the world in mobile phone usage. The government is expected to launch Bangabandhu Satellite by December 2017,” the state minister said.

Independent member Tahzib Alam Siddiqi also took part in the discussion.

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