State minister ig-nore School administration

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Charghat  Correspondent Rajshahi,

Obaydul Islam Robi : Accused of 6 illegal students have been admitted in class three of Sardah Pilot high School with reference State Minister For foreign affairs Shahariar Alom said Head Master Anower Islam.

According to source the head master has 6 students admitted in class three of sardah government pilot high school charghat upazila of District Rajshahi exchange of big amount.

In this regard head master Anower Islam said when the 6 students had admitted order of state minister. however it’s not true exchange of big amount for the admiration 6 students.  but he confirmed, some political leader of charghat upazila ( off the record) have involved with illegality.  and head master has only supervise centrally.

when the state minister is contributing the education institutions and students in charghat and bagha upazila over all out of Rajshahi. not only he has social responsibilities told AL president Anower hossin.

On the other hand School comitiee president UNO Asraful Islam said, he actually don’t know ins and out of the matter. however state minister’s recommendation and political pressure over of UNO power. and finally UNO’S investigation what’s illegal of sardah government pailot high School.

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