Primary School Founder struggling in dark

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Rajshahi  Correspondent,

obaydul islam Robi  : A few decades ago, the village name as Jotgaurib Mundumala of powro area in Tanore upazila District of Rajshahi was terribly bad communication and the People nearby called ghost village. In the absence of any educational institution of the villagers could not take the book. The whole village is like eating in struggling in dark. However Nitai Chandra Barman has been established a private primary School when he showing the pathetic condition of his attempts in 1987. The school name was Jotagaurib Adibasi Primary School. He as head teacher has a job without pay. He has constantly worked to spread the light of education among the people.
The primary school has made government at now. The society become educated, Electricity arrived and the road has been paved in the village. Families have an average of enlightened people. But the headmaster Nitai Chandra Barman has retirement before nationalization with empty-handed. In the absence of the source of his income to him is a very troubled life. He lives in a small house. The village itself is now in the dark with the light of knowledge.

In this regard Nitai Chandra Barman said, seeing the condition of the village he began construction of a three-room school in 1984. Then struggle began to educate the children of the village. He used to 500 pay for his life. The school gets registered in1987. He was privately paying two thousand taka. And it’s barely used to his family. His Job ends of 2010. All were taken. And after his retirement the school was nationalized in 2013. Which allowance will be given him but never get to seven years?
He has given married two sons and three daughters through teaching. Everyone is busy in their own family. He has no one percents land. Niti live with his wife beside the School ground. He has no any source of income so he live without feed. In the last age the disease attracted of Niti Chandhra Barman. What drugs does not have money to eat.He loves the school as like children. So he went away to school yet. He took classes for about two-a-day.
The jotagauriba Adibsi Government Primary School headmaster (In-charge) Sabina Yasmin said, Retired head master Niti condition became heavy heart. The founder of a school headmaster has horrible living. The school has enlightened the whole village. He is now in the dark, he stood on the porch. Sometimes he took a class.

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