President for understanding weather, climate phenomena

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DHAKA : President Md. Abdul Hamid yesterday hoped that people from all strata will continue their endeavors to understand weather and climate phenomena to save lives, protect property and assist the communities towards building a more resilient Bangladesh.

In a message on the eve of the World Meteorological Day-2017, he said, “The impact of weather on earth and lives is immense.”

Since the primitive time, the phenomena of weather and climate have been playing a very significant role to flourish human civilization, culture, life style, art and literature as well as development and advancement, he added.

Considering the magnitude of climate, it can be stated that climate is one of the main determinants of civilization and development, the President said adding the impact of climate change is now being noticed worldwide.

“Therefore, it needs coordinated initiatives and global co-operation to reduce the risks of climate change. Exchange of information on weather, climate and water is critical to decision-making for sustainable development,” he added.

Abdul Hamid said these information also play a vital role in formulating national policy, making plan and strategy, building awareness, mitigating the adverse impact of climate change along with to face natural disasters and climate related risks. Thus the clear concept and right idea regarding weather and climate is imperative for that, he added.

Cloud play a vital role in maintaining the earth’s energy balance and at the same time it help to drive entire water cycle and climate system, the President said adding against this backdrop, ‘Understanding Clouds’, the theme of the ‘World Meteorological Day 2017’ will thus help people to expand their knowledge about the impact of clouds on global weather, climate and water cycle.

“Bangladesh is a member state of ‘World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Therefore, the exchange of inter-state weather forecast and the pertinent information regarding climate and water could play an important role for socio economical development” he added.

Abdul Hamid said accurate and timely forecasts of weather have a great role in formulating policy including protecting the lives and properties from natural calamities.

Nowadays, the use of technology has immensely strengthened the capacity of weather forecasting, he said.

“The Government of Bangladesh has recently approved a project titled `Bangladesh regional weather and climate services’ which, I believe, will play a pivotal role to disseminate weather and climate related services to the grassroots’ level people especially to farmers,” he added.

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