Police Arrested Three Jamieet Shibir Leader

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Rajshahi correspondent, shadhinbangla24.com

Obaydul Islam Robi : The Police arrested tree Jamieet leader and eight drugs addicted Charghat Upazila of District Rajshahi on Friday midnight.

OC Nibaran Chandhra Barman said, the Charghat Model Thana police has arrested three Jamieet- Shibir leader during their daily working activities. As identified Shibir Education Secretary Shablu Islam village Dowlathpur son of late Nowsar Ali, Financial Secretary Shanur Alom son of Moslem Uddin and Jamieet leader Abdullah Al- Mamun village Chamta son of Abu Bakkar Charghat Upazila of District Rajshahi on Drives. on due time OC said, Shibir Mamun have been pass an MA in Islamic history of Rajshahi University in 2112, Shablu has pass BSC of Sardah College 2014 and Shanur have pass BA Hon’s (Arabic) of Rajshahi College in 2013. they are organizing to active the lady organization in Charghat Upazila.

At the same days the police arrested more eight drugs addicted different area of the upazila. become a long time they are involved drugs smugglings and addicted. the police has special drive flowing the eight person. the Charghat Model Thana police SI Abu Thaer, ASI Rashid, Mominul, Shalom with constables has arrested the criminal.

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