Nothing to hide in agreements signed with India: PM

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DHAKA : Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said there is nothing to hide in the agreements and MoUs signed with India during her four-day New Delhi tour as everything is wide open for the people.

“As long as I’m in power I don’t do politics in my personal interests. Interests of the country and people as well as dignity of the nation are very important for me,” she told a press conference at her Ganobhaban official residence on her just concluded India visit.

Sheikh Hasina said all agreements with foreign countries are signed after approval of the cabinet. “So, these are open documents,” she said.

Responding to her government policy to maintain relation both India and China Sheikh Hasina said policy of Bangabandhu- ‘Friendship with all, Malice to None,’ is the “guiding factor of our foreign policy”.

“I’m trying to comply with the policy word by word and establish good relation with every country,” she said.

The premier added India and China might have problems in their bilateral relations but Bangladesh would maintain good relation with every country.

She said Bangladesh needs to have good relations with all countries for its cherished prosperity as quick as possible since as a nation “it has lost much time after the killing of Bangabandhu in our expedition for development”.

The Prime Minister said the business delegation accompanied her in India found their opportunities and trade partners and as many as 12 MoU were signed under which huge Indian investment would come to Bangladesh.

Sheikh Hasina said undoubtedly geographically and demographically Bangladesh is a small country comparative to India “but dignity of the both countries is equal as far as nation’s sovereignty and independence is concerned”.

India has given the honour to me which actually belongs to the Bangladesh and its people, she said. Sheikh Hasina said after 21 years Bangladesh Awami League has got opportunity to serve the nation.

“Now wherever in the world you go, you see a dignified position of Bangladesh, and we have done this” she said adding that as a victorious nation her government is making constant efforts to uphold the dignity.

About conferring to the fallen soldiers of India in the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971 the Prime Minister said the event has elevated the position of Bangladesh to a new dignified position as a nation.

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