No talks with BNP over poll-time govt

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Dhaka : Terming Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) a ‘terrorist and militant organisation’, Awami League lawmaker Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim on Sunday said there is no need to sit in dialogue with them over the election-time government.

“They (BNP) are a terrorist and militant organization. What is the discussion with them? No-one ever sits in discussion with terrorists and militants,” he said participating in the thanksgiving motion on the President’s speech in Parliament.

The ruling party MP said BNP will have to participate in the next parliamentary elections under Sheikh Hasina’s government. “If you (BNP) don’t join the election this time, the party’s registration (with Election Commission) will be cancelled and BNP will have no existence anymore. The condition of the party will be worse than the present situation of Muslim League.”

Noting that a Canadian court in its recent observation said BNP indulged in violence in the past and may do so again in the future, Selim said BNP is now recognised as a terrorist party in the international arena. “I would like to urge the country’s people to reject BNP inside the country as well.”

Noting that BNP is now demanding acceptable election-supportive government, the AL lawmaker said there is nothing about election-supportive government in the Constitution. The next parliamentary elections will also be held under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in 2019 as per the Constitution, he added.

Joining the thanksgiving motion, Awami League MP Rafiqul Islam Bir Uttam also said there is no rationale for sitting in dialogue with BNP over the election-time government as the party is now famous as a terrorist organisation internationally.

“BNP must participate in the next general election following the laws and the Constitution,” he said.

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