Mango Export in Europe- Mango grower happy for bagging system

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Obaydul Islam Robi Rajshahi.:  Mango is the tradition fruit of District Rajshahi, but charghat upazila mango is the best. The farmers are happy over bumper mango production with bagging system in charghat upazila in Rajshahi.

It’s great opportunity to export mango different country of Europe. There for Charghat upazila Agriculture office, Hortex foundation and contract Association has terrine up the mango grower. How to protect mango from worms and insects? How to use blight and resisting? And finally how to export safety mango for Europe said UAE Abu Zafor Md Sadak.

In this session about 3810 hectares of land have been brought under mango cultivation across the Chargaht upazila with production target of 14.45 metric tons of per hectares of mango. However there are 4 lace pieces mango have been under bagging system for export in Europe. Whereas the Bee, worms and insects can’t hole the mango. It will be easily export everywhere in the world said agriculture officer Husna yesmin.

In this regard Farmer Toriqul Islam Munnaf, Nazrul and Altab Hossin exposed, they are very much happy for export mango for Europe. Agriculture and researchers have emphasized on the cultivation of blight resistance mango varieties to get better production to meet up its gradually increasing demand. The agriculture officer came with observation while addressing a farmer’s field day styled. Grower said it’s the first time the bagging system has started in upazila. And bagging cost 5 taka per pieces of mango, so it’s expensive for other farmers, if the government contributed with bagging system then all are interested about it and also large income for export.

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