Khaleda Zia unveiling BNP’s ‘Vision 2030’

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Dhaka : Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) Chairperson Khaleda Zia’s press briefing begins to unveil her party’s detailed nation-building plans, ‘Vision 2030 for Bangladesh’.

The press meet begins at about 4:30pm at capital Dhaka’s Westin hotel.

Making balance in power sharing between the President and the Prime Minister, bicameral parliament and bringing necessary reformation to the Election Commission and other constitutional bodies will be the key points of the Vision 2030 — the much-hyped political reformation policy of BNP is officially announced. Various development policies including turning the country into higher middle income one by 2030 would be presented in the declaration.

BNP’s ‘Vision 2030’ is a forerunner to its electoral manifesto for the next parliamentary election due in early 2019.

Leaders of different political parties, diplomats, civil society members, editors of newspapers and news agencies, head of news of TV channels, intellectuals and other professionals, who were invited to attend the press conference, were present at the programme.

Earlier on Monday night, the ‘Vision 2030’ was presented before the BNP standing committee members at a meeting through a power-point presentation. The BNP policymakers approved it later incorporating their some suggestions.

Earlier, BNP chief Khaleda Zia, at the party sixth council on 19 March 2016, unveiled her parties Vision 2030 plan to turn the country into higher middle income one if her party returns to power.

About the Vision 2030, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam said they will share their thoughts how they want to run the country develop it and strengthen democracy, gear up economic progress and ensure people’s welfare based on the reality, and also to build a prosperous society if the party returns to power.

In the Vision 2030, the BNP leader said, they will also give outlines to build democratic institutions if they are voted to power.

“We’ll offer to introduce bicameral parliament and the country’s intellectuals and experts on different sectors will be made members of the upper house to ensure country’s development.”

He said they will also propose to introduce a positive and quality political culture in Bangladesh coming out of the current politics of vengeance, confrontation and annihilation.

In the Vision 2030, Fakhrul said, they will also promise to bring a balance in the executive authority of the prime minister and the president with necessary amendments to the constitution.

Another party leader wishing anonymity said the party also may propose to amend the article 70 of the constitution to enable MPs to cast votes against their party in parliament, except in the case of no-confidence motion against the government and the national budget.

The leader also said BNP’s election manifesto will be prepared in the light of the Vision 2030.

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