Jewelleries that can dazzle your look, this 2017!

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Fashion tends to reflect the economic situation of the nation and with India coping with the aftermath of demonetisation, the purchase power of people would be dictating the choices one can have.
Looks like the demand for imitation and costume jewellery would be on a hike, hence Himanshu Malik, the founder and CEO of has come up with the following trends, which are ruling the roost.

Statement Earrings: Statement Earrings will be an appreciative trend in 2017, with eye-catchy pieces becoming conversation starters. Pieces with pearls will come back in vogue, to create a Hepburn-esque look. Ear cuffs and ear jackets/climbers are set to rule charts with big nose rings as extensions.
Cocktail Ring: Cocktail rings will still rule the fashion hit-list with big gemstones or faux stones. Rings-twins that differ only in their size, will be a perfect choice. Adorning each finger with a variety of rings would also be in fashion.
Black choker: Black choker was in range the past year and its demand will continue well into the upcoming year. With Lace as a preferred material, it is suitable even for classical or business style. A great addition to this form of jewellery would be a suspension with large bright stone or even few colourful gems.
Long Neckpiece: Multilayered long neckpieces will be in trend, with women stacking up their necks in long stands of pearl or other stones. Long pendant based neckpieces will act as a charm, with animal and floral pedant being in preference. Y shaped neckpiece is also in trend, it looks like Capital Y and it suits to every outfit of a woman.
Hair Jewellery: With the fashion-houses rolling out experiment-laden hairstyles on their models, hair jewellery is primed to be the talk of the town. With faux-braids, enlarged -cotton flowers and rhinestone- sprinkled hair bands, adorning the hair will take a new turn into the fash-forward zone.

Speaking on the same, Himanshu Malik said, “Having such experimental trends to rule the roost, fashion will see a rise in jewellery centric shows, taking forward from the meagre cloth-based presentations. Just one caution, these trends have value on their solo basis- stacking them all together may defeat the purpose of putting the look together, faster than one can spell fashion. With judicious selection, one can easily transform fashion into a fun affair.”

So, girls out there! What are you waiting for?

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