Inaugurated Multi-Storied Building – Law Minister Anisul Haque

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Obaydul Islam Robi , Rajshahi.ঃ  After long anticipation, finally the court case end in Rajshahi . Law Minister Anisul Haque will officially inaugurate multi-storied court building, Chief Judicial Multistoried Court Building built at a cost of around 24 corer taka. State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam, Rajshahi Sadar constituency MP Fazle Hossain Badsha, Rajshahi-3 MP Md. Ayen Uddin, Rajshahi-4 Engineer Enamul Haque and MP Akshar Jahan ( reserved women seats) were present.


Law Minister Anisul Haque said that the process of bringing Tarique Rahman back to the country through Interpol has been going on. He said that in the opening ceremony of the new building of the Rajshahi court on Wednesday afternoon, the crime is the crime which is 57. If that person does not suffer from harassment, that part will be considered specially. But the section 57 is now in the form that it will not remain.
This information was found in the Public Works Department sources of the construction work supervisory body. The construction work of the Rajshahi chief judicial magistrate court building in 2012 has started. After the completion of the construction work in two years and at the end of 2014, the building’s law and justice ministry has been asked to hand over the construction of the building after five years.


Under the first phase of the construction of Chief Judicial Magistrate Court Building in the ’64 District Sadar, the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, the construction of the building of Rajshahi Complex was completed.
The judicial magistrate of the district will be able to carry out the trial in 10 adjacent courts. Judges, lawyers, police, judges, convicts, and court-related facilities will be ensured. Rajshahi Chief Judicial Magistrate building’s foundation structure is the 12th floor. Construction of eight floors at the first stage is over. The total size of the building is 98 thousand 983 square feet. There are 4,000 square feet parking facilities in the ground floor.
There will also be a sophisticated lift system. The area of the factory is 2,240 sq ft. On the second floor there are male and female Custody. Nazareth branch on the same floor. Office of the Chief Judicial Magistrate and Office on the third floor. There will be 2,050 sq ft record-rooms in this storied area. There are various facilities, apart from the courts, from the fourth to eight floors.

Meanwhile, the conference room of 1 thousand square feet has been done on the fourth floor. A sub-station of 500 KVA capacity has also been installed for electricity. A generator of 100 KVA capacity has also been installed for the uninterrupted power facility. Under the same project, the courts built in 10 districts are waiting for the building to be handed over. Besides, construction work in eight districts continued By 2018 construction of these courts will be completed in 64 districts, he said. It will reduce the harassment of different parties as well as speeding up the trial proceedings.

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