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Obaydul Islam Robi

The interior Ministry listed smuggler still roaming freely in the area. As identified he is Matikata union Godagari upazila of District Rajshahi. It has been confirmed by the railway gate bypass area.

According to some sources, the list of the drug emperors of Godagari Upazila administration and thana upazila of the Ministry of Autonomous Recognition has arrived in recent years by checking the various intelligence agencies of the government. After getting this list, Godagari Model Police Station Police has been able to catch 5 drug cops in a week. Not only in the drug trade, there are various complaints against them, including terrorism.

On the basis of these allegations, a case has been filed against them and sent to jail custody. After the police operation of Godagari police station, many drug dealers have left the area. Although there is a list but he is not arrested by rail gate bypass area, there is a lot of criticism in the area.

locals and political personalities, who are reluctant to disclose the names, said, the Godagari police station is not detaining him due to his relationship with the Daharam Mohra of the alcoholic drug king in local area. Beginning from Godagari thana police OC, the drug is very close to the narcotics drug with almost all the officers so he is hesitant to catch him.

Locals said that in the last one week, several drug cartoonists were detained by the drug lord of the railroad side area, but suddenly, on Sunday, they started traveling around Alka with motorcycles. The people of such a horrific situation said that they are also the drug emperor but why are not they arrested?

Source said, the local people has become the owner of a lot of wealth over the past 5-7 years. This young drug emperor now has 75 bighas, three big tractors, a microbus 2, and 10 motorcycles. Everyone in the family has a motorcycle. Alignanbari is installed in Tulles at the full-house of 5-storey foundation at Railgate Linepair. Pachabari, Rajshahi city house on Matikata school. There are two wives. Being in good relation with every man in the administration, he has become the owner of these huge wealth.

It was informed that the last year of Rajshahi District Police Week was a drug emperor in the event of the competition, invited guests. There he participated in various events and took part in the meal. Nobody can open his mouth to scare him. If there is any conflict with him, then there will be threats to be handed over by heroin.

After being caught in another drug emperor, other drug dealers have also been out of fear and some have left outside to avoid arrest. Godagari Model Thana Officer-in-Charge (OC) Hipjur Alam Munshi said, “We have the list that will be detained exactly like anybody, but no one will be able to leave,” he said.


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