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Siraji M R Mostak

Freedom fighters policy of the father of the Bengali nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was eternal. He cleared it before 26 March, 1971. He organized all the people of the country for liberation war. He challenged to Pakistan rulers and declared on 7th March (1971) speech, “You never keep controlled our seven and a half crore Bangalis. As we learned to die, none can do anything to us.” In a speech at the parade of the Awami public forces on 3 March (1971) Bangabandhu declared, “Our Seven and a half crore Bengali started a united movement, it will not stop until they free the country. This struggle will stay until a Bengali alive. Bengalis are peacefully ready for rights with ultimate sacrifice. (Kamal Hossain, “Tajuddin Ahmed- the emergence of Bangladesh and afterwards”, page 245, Ankur Publishers, Dhaka-2008). At returned home on 10 January, 1972 Bangabandhu delivered the same speech in front of millions of people. He said, “The peasants, workers, students, peoples, I convey greetings to all the freedom fighters of Bangladesh. You all take my greetings. Today my Bangladesh has got liberation after great sacrifice. Three million peoples lost lives. You are the seven and a half crore Bengalis sacrifice your lives, suffer much distress and free the country. Now you are the owners of all responsibilities to protect the freedom.” To hear this speech live in online please click here -( or (| In every speeches, Bangabandhu declared all the people of the country irrespective of lives and martyrs as freedom fighters. He gave the special dignity to only 676 combatants for global recognition to liberation war, and all the peoples of the country as common fighters. As a prisoner and sacrificed fighter he introduced himself a common freedom fighter. So during his reign, there was not differences as fighters, non-fighters, martyrs and suffered peoples in the country. There were not facilities, allowances or quota benefits for listed freedom fighters and disables. All people of the country were considered as the descendants to freedom fighters and martyrs. This is the freedom fighter principle of Bangabandhu.

We are cut off the freedom fighters principle of Bangabandhu. We’ve listed just two Lac peoples as freedom fighters. We honor them by providing allowances and quota facilities to their children and grandchildren. We think that just these listed peoples are freedom fighters. Merely they liberated our country. The great organizer of our Liberation war Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the four national leaders, army chief MAG Osmany, millions of martyrs, prisoners, refugees and suffered men who stayed home during war are not freedom fighters. They are not in list. But it is obvious that they gave us independence.
The name of Bangabandhu is not included in our freedom fighters list. So his children are surely not in quota facilities. Same to the four national leaders family also. The three million martyrs and two lac abducted women are not freedom fighters. They are not in list. They are just in spoken. Now we fall in confusion on the individuals who were in the country during war about their roles and activities. We are scrutinizing them. It is doubted that they protect themselves by fighting against the Pakistan armies or by collaborating with them during war. So they all are not freedom fighters. The millions of refugees and detainees like Bangabandhu are not freedom fighters also. The numerous fighters of India and other countries, who contributed to our liberation war are also not listed. The list of fighters assigned only two lac.

The corrupted BNP-Jamaat government formed the ministry of liberation affairs on 23 October, 2001 first. They made massive excesses by lists of fighters and quota facilities. The whole nation acute divided by fighters and non fighters. The freedom fighter principle of Bangabandhu thrown to lost. The masses imbued with the spirit of the Liberation War descend them. The current government also accomplished that policy of thirty percent freedom fighters quota completely, which was imposed by corrupted BNP-Jamaat government. Depriving sixteen crore citizens and the thirty percent quota is to only two lac families, it never be the freedom fighters principle of Bangabandhu. Present Awami Government also violated this principle as BNP-Jamaat government did before.

Now almost impossible to implement freedom fighters principle of Bangabandhu. Quota availed families will lose much facilities. Freedom fighters list will increase to three million to more. All citizens of the country will be included to freedom fighters and martyrs family members. Present freedom fighters Lists and quotas will be canceled.

If Bangabandhu were alive today, there would have not been changed his freedom fighters principles. The three million martyrs had not been unlisted. Only two lac families would have not been got the freedom fighter quota facilities. The all Sixteen crore inhabitants of Bangladesh were considered the members of the freedom fighters and martyrs’ families.

Trainee lawyer, Dhaka.

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