ENA Group first Sakuettex sweater factory in the northern region

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Obaydul Islam Robi from Rajshahi.:  In the last phase of the construction of the sweater (garments) factory in Rajshahi. The factory will start production coming up month of September.
In the last phase of preparation for the inauguration of the factory. The factory was set up at the BESIC area of the city, the ENA group has build this Institute and it’s owner Engineer Enamul Haque (MP) Bagmara in Rajshahi. The establishment of this will open the northern business door. he will be employing five thousand people in the initial stage. The factory will be Rajshahi, the first sweater factory in the northern region. Earlier, small and medium-sized industrial plants were set up in Rajshahi but there was no major factory.
Asif Rahman Project Director of Sakuettex said, that the import and training facilities required by the factory are already complete and training has already been completed. Entering the Saturday’s machinery factory. The job of hiring manpower has been started in the 100 percent export-oriented factory.The concerned officials of the factory said that efforts were made to set up the factory due to the reach of the gas in Rajshahi.


For this reason, the construction work of the city was almost complete by selecting BESIC industrial area of the city. the construction work of six-storey building was seen going on in BSCIC industrial area of the city on Sunday. Officials said the garment factories will be inaugurated by September this year. Construction work on the building is also going on in the last few days. According to their commentary, in the factory it will be possible to create one hundred and twenty thousand sweaters every month. After this it will be increased to 10 lakhs.
Deputy Managing Director of ENA Group Dr. Moussaleh Uddin said that all the preparations for the establishment of sweater factory (garment) have been completed. The factory will go towards production this September. This will be the first garment factory in Rajshahi or northern region. The sweater made here will be exported outside the country, he said. Also, the Jacket Knitting Missing has been imported from Japan’s Sima Seci Company to manufacture the factory and the work of setting them up is now complete.


Meanwhile, in the divisional city of Rajshahi, taking initiative to set up such big industrial establishments, local businessmen are seeing the light of hope. Rajshahi Silk Owners Association President Liaquat Ali said, due to the many adversities of Rajshahi, heavy industries have not been developed so far. However, the group is building first-hand industrial factory like garment factories. When it opens, new areas will be exposed in the industrial area of this region.
ENA group chairman Enamul Haque (MP) said, despite the possibility, in 46 years of independence, there was no heavy industries in Rajshahi. The factory is being set up in Rajshahi, which is lying behind in the factory. This will create employment opportunities for many unemployed people, and will increase the business trade, he said.

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