Dr Kamal for national unity to tackle haor disaster

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Dhaka : Describing the current flood in haor areas as a national crisis, Gano Forum President Dr Kamal Hossain on Saturday urged the government to tackle it with united efforts of all parties and organisations.

“The current flood in haor areas is a national crisis. A national unity is a must to face the national crisis. It’s necessary to work out effective steps to deal with the situation instead of considering it from political ground,” he said.

The veteran politician and jurist made the call at a press conference at the Jatiya Press Club.

Kamal said all political parties should come up with constructive information, proposals and solutions to alleviate the sufferings of the victims and overcome the crisis.

He urged Awami League and BNP to stand beside people together shunning the blame game.

The Gono Forum President also demanded the government announce the flood-hit haor areas as disaster ones and take immediate steps for reaching out all the victims with relief materials.

He suggested the government to construct dams in haors and take steps for the dredging of the rivers and canals to prevent flashfloods in the areas.

Kamal also called upon the government to take suggestions from experts and noted citizens to tackle the crisis in haor areas.

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