Domar high school Authority doing brisk business

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Nilphamari Correspondent, Domar,
Abdur Razzaque : Authority of Domar high school situated at Domar upazila town unethically involved in brisk business of lottery on occasion of annual sports as compelled each student to purchase at least two tickets at cost of Tk 40 (each ticket tk 20) in last 7 days violating existing rules. However, school authority claimed that it was not lottery but raffle draw as the annual sports competition was held today at the local play ground. Upazila education officer of Domar Sakerina Begum said that arranging raffle draw or lottery by selling tickets to school students is a kind of gambling and not permitted as per existing rule adding that the school authority didn’t inform her about the matter.

There are altogether 1100 students in the high school and thus the authority is likely to realize at least Tk 44,000 by selling tickets as termed the practice as their internal matter Sources informed that an ordinary bi-cycle and two table fans were given as first and second prizes and there were also 43 other trivial prizes like school bags, table lamps, umbrellas, geometry boxes and tiffin boxes in 7 categories. The total worth of all the prizes were not more that Tk10-Tk12 thousand making a handsome profit of Tk 35-37 thousand by the school authority, informed school sources. Investigation by this correspondent found that in connection with arranging raffle draw, the school authority started selling tickets 7 days ago and made it mandatory to purchase at least two tickets for each student at cost of Tk 40 as each ticket is priced as Tk 20. During investigation, it was also found that the class teachers leaving behind teaching the students were busy in selling tickets as the headmaster himself monitored and motivated. They also scolded students whoever were unwilling to purchase and also lured them to buy additional tickets more than the two to have a greater chance of wining and many students even purchased 5-10 tickets each as influenced.
A number of students coming of low income group families on condition of anonymity (for fear of being victimized) told that it was an extra burden to their parents but no way to avoid as they were scolded or even subjected to mental torture.
Some guardians willing to be unnamed said that they had to pay fee for arranging annual sports each year, which was realized at time of class admission and the authority should arrange raffle draw or lottery from that fund not by selling tickets.
Locals commented that through this practice, the students are given a message to earn money quickly in an unethical way.
Rabiul Alam, headmaster of the school while contacted denied to term the practice as lottery and said that it was raffle draw and the money remaining surplus after giving prizes would be utilized for betterment of students.
President of the school management committee Aktaruzzaman Sumon termed the practice as school’s internal matter and advised journalists not to poke their noses. Dist. education officer Md Shafiqul Islam said that selling tickets in the name of raffle draw or lottery is not permitted in schools. “I’ll take action after proper investigation.”

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