Create digital country, boycott militancy patrons: Inu

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CHITTAGONG : Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu, MP, today said the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is leading the country towards administrative transparency and fast-track development.

“Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is leading the path of light, development and peace, while BNP leader Khaleda Zia represents darkness, turmoil and association with militants,” he said.

Besides, the minister said the introduction of digital technology is playing a crucial role in reducing social disparity and increasing people’s empowerment.

The minister was speaking as the chief guest at a national seminar organized on the occasion of the 57th Convention of the Institute of Engineering, Bangladesh (IEB) being held at its auditorium, here. The theme of the seminar was “Digital Technology and Pro-People Development.”

The information minister said, “Sheikh Hasina is in favor of digital technology and against militancy. On the other hand, Begum Khaleda Zia was for militancy and against digital Bangladesh. Therefore, if Bangladesh was to progress there was no option but to boycott militancy and build a digital Bangladesh.”

“Those who do not understand digital technology, those who are the friends of militants, if they take over Bangladesh, then Bangladesh’s progress would be severely hampered and the people and the country would suffer, severely. Therefore, if we want to see Digital Bangladesh, it is the civic responsibility of all to decide who they would entrust to run the country,” the minister reminded the engineers.

To continue the peace and development of the country it was necessary to have a tech-friendly government Engineer Inu reminded his audience and said “The current government is digital-friendly and equally friendly towards woman and farmers. That is the reason digital technology had brought welfare to the masses. A government which understands information and communication technology understands its application, if that government is not in power there is no reason for the country to progress further.”

“To create a poverty-free and sustainable prosperous country which is secular the country needs the wide use of digital technology was necessary,” Inu said, adding that “Birth registration, student application forms, information to farmers, even the easy transfer of money had been facilitated by the use of digital technology. By making the administration transparent and accessible to the people digital technology was creating a knowledge-based society. That’s why to create a society free of falsehood, parochialism, and superstition, truncated and suppressed information and create a country which is non-communal digital technology was essential.

Inu also proposed that the right to the Internet should be made a basic fundamental right.

There were three phases in the Digital Revolution of Bangladesh. They were “Winning Hearts”, “Rise” and “Progress.”

He said that the prime minister’s vision of connecting the nation with global development highway was an epic decision. Now after eight years after taking the epochal decision we are at the fag end of the first phase. Now it is time to rise and it will continue till 2021. After that Bangladesh will be comparable to developed countries of the world, technically.

The meeting was chaired by president of IEB Md Kabir Ahmed Bhuiyan while chairman of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) Dr Shajahan Mahmud read out the key-note paper.

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