Chill the heat with these 5 colors!

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“Knock, knock”, says summer. First week of March does not seem to be as hot April. But you need to gear up for the sweaty-salty days ahead. Most importantly, you must look awesome in this season. You need to be as colorful as the season itself. Your next question might be “which colors?”
Whites, Creams and Yellows :-
Pick white or yellow or pink. In fact you may pick any color that nature gives in this time. You may pick the colors of daisy, lilac, peonies. But to beat the heat, the best colors of course would be whites, creams and yellows.
Dupatta :-
That long piece of cloth around your neck can do miracle in summers. Dupatta gives an “awww” look and gives a real Indian look but the best part of it is it protect you from the heat. It can give your neck, shoulder a relief from the heat. Further at times, you can even wrap it around your face, to save it from the scorching heat. And believe me, Indian men loves that decent look.

Sunglasses :-
Leave your face-type miles away. All you need is a face protector sunglass. Butterflies are a good option. It covers your cheeks and under eyes. Choose among blacks and browns.

Over-sized t-shirts :-
All you need is comfort and and passage full of air for under clothes. Pick an over-sized t-shirt. Select white, pink, yellow, cream. Tugged-in or out, these over-sized t-shirts are age old must have summer essentials.

Totes and jutes :-
To accessorize completely, you can’t ignore to choose the right kind of bag. But trust me, totes and jutes are always there to accompany. Pick any shape, size or type. Totes completes the summer look in you.

Flips :-
Oh yes! Feet needs to breathe and free itself from the smelly sweats. Team up with skin tight jeans, hot pants, A-line cut dresses. Colourful and comfortable, flipflops match with anything and everything

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