Child’s mine, but I didn’t marry Apu: Shakib Khan

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Dhaka : Bangladesh movie star Shakib Khan thrashed film actress Apu Biswas’s claim of being married to her, soon after the actress on Monday claimed that she is married to actor Shakib Khan.

However, Shakib told that he is the father of the child that Apu Biswash brought with her during an exclusive interview with a private television channel in the afternoon, where she also claimed that Shakib is the father of the eight-month-old baby boy.

Shakib came down hard on Apu claiming the latter wanted to destroy his image in the industry as a star. He termed it a ‘trap’ against him.

Shakib said he will soon talk to media regarding the issue.

Earlier Apu said, ‘Shakib married me on April 18 in 2008. The marriage was solemnised at Shakib’s Gulshan house in the city where some of his close relatives were present. My name was changed to Apu Islam Khan after the marriage. The information was kept secret at Shakib’s request.’

With her son Abraham Khan Joy on her lap, she said she has no contact with Shakib for the last 10 months, reports UNB.

‘I kept the marriage secret for his welfare. I’ve scarified a lot. But I can’t take his negligence towards me anymore. So, I’m sharing everything with all,’ the actress said.

She also said she stayed for the 10 months (of pregnancy) in India, Singapore and Bangkok. Finally, Apu gave birth to her boy in a clinic of Kolkata on September 27 in 2016.

Apu said she expected Shakib to respect her. ‘But he didn’t respect me. I was humiliated.’

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