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  • iPhone 7 goes red to help fight AIDS

    Recognising more than 10 years of partnership with the product (RED) charity that fights against HIV/AIDS, Apple announced iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in a vibrant red aluminium finish. Apple is the world’s largest corporate donor to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, contributing more than $130 million as part of its partnership with … বিস্তারিত »

  • Men more prone to infertility due to less sleep

    Men are more likely to have infertility with less sleep than women, said IVF experts. According to them, sleep seems to have an impact on male fertility and snoring may be the first sign. “Studies show that men, who have disturbed sleep may have sperm counts equal to only 70 percent, compared to those who … বিস্তারিত »

  • Afternoon power nap can boost employees creativity

    Does your boss nag and expect a lot from you? Here’s a solution to keep up to their expectations- take a power nap in the afternoon! A new study says that 20 minutes nap in the afternoon can boost employees’ creativity and problem-solving ability, reports According to scientists from the University of Leeds in … বিস্তারিত »

  • Chill the heat with these 5 colors!

    “Knock, knock”, says summer. First week of March does not seem to be as hot April. But you need to gear up for the sweaty-salty days ahead. Most importantly, you must look awesome in this season. You need to be as colorful as the season itself. Your next question might be “which colors?” Whites, Creams … বিস্তারিত »

  • Dubai plans to introduce flying drone taxis

    International Desk : Dubai has tested a Chinese prototype of a self-driving hover-taxi, its transport authority said on Monday, with the aim of introducing the aerial vehicle in the emirate by July. The test of the one-man electric vehicle comes as the city state in the United Arab Emirates seeks to ensure a quarter of … বিস্তারিত »

  • Is your boyfriend secretly accessing your Facebook account?

    Nearly one in five persons have snooped on the Facebook accounts of their friends, romantic partners or family members, using the victims’ own computers or cellphones, a new study. Most people are concerned about the prospect of their social media accounts being hacked but University of British Columbia researchers reported that it’s actually people we … বিস্তারিত »

  • How to master the first date

    It will help to keep your first date short and sweet, and most importantly non-committal, says an expert who has shared dating tips. Sumesh Menon, co-founder and CEO of dating app WOO, tells you how to ace the art of dating: Don’t over research: Try to avoid judging a person before a date. Don’t over … বিস্তারিত »

  • Skincare routine for grooms

    The bride is not the only one who is the centre of attention of guests at a wedding. The groom, too, must spruce up – and it will help to follow the right skin care routine, says an expert. Vivek Mehta Pulastya, dermatologist at CADLE Skin Clinic, has listed tips that can prove handy for … বিস্তারিত »