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  • Is your boyfriend secretly accessing your Facebook account?

    Nearly one in five persons have snooped on the Facebook accounts of their friends, romantic partners or family members, using the victims’ own computers or cellphones, a new study. Most people are concerned about the prospect of their social media accounts being hacked but University of British Columbia researchers reported that it’s actually people we … বিস্তারিত »

  • How to master the first date

    It will help to keep your first date short and sweet, and most importantly non-committal, says an expert who has shared dating tips. Sumesh Menon, co-founder and CEO of dating app WOO, tells you how to ace the art of dating: Don’t over research: Try to avoid judging a person before a date. Don’t over … বিস্তারিত »

  • Lock your lips in these many ways

    Remember the last time you saw people kissing? Just slow down that memory and think about it once! That coziness and those butterflies in your stomach. While science still ponders over the science of kissing and we still love doing it, let me take you on a joy ride of certain types of kissing. Are … বিস্তারিত »

  • Jewelleries that can dazzle your look, this 2017!

    Fashion tends to reflect the economic situation of the nation and with India coping with the aftermath of demonetisation, the purchase power of people would be dictating the choices one can have. Looks like the demand for imitation and costume jewellery would be on a hike, hence Himanshu Malik, the founder and CEO of … বিস্তারিত »

  • Wear your leather jacket stylishly

    Leather jackets emphasis your personality and if chosen correctly, they are capable of refreshing your image. Don’t shy away from experimenting with colors of your jacket but also avoid dressing in one color from head to toe, says an expert. Harkirat Singh, Managing Director at Woodland Worldwide, has rolled out a few tips on styling … বিস্তারিত »

  • Busting common myths about sunglasses

    From picking the fanciest pair of sunglasses on offer to not caring about the UV protection index of the accessory are some of the several myths and misconceptions that prevent people from purchasing healthy sunglasses and wearing them in the right way, says an expert. Sunglasses are just a fashion accessory: This is the most … বিস্তারিত »

  • Finding love, not money, key to a happy life

    News Desk, : A new research by London School of Economics reinforces the belief that money cannot buy you happiness at least as much as finding love and enjoying a good mental health can. These two factors being in a meaningful relationship and robust mental health were found to be more significant contributors to … বিস্তারিত »

  • Glam up your ethnic wear in style

    Gone are the days when ethnic wear was worn only for festive occasions and special events. Today, outfits like saris and salwar-kurtas are setting the charts on fire like never before with some twist and turn in draping and accessorizing. From workplace attire to party-wear and casual dressing, ethnic wear can be versatile enough to … বিস্তারিত »

  • Platonic partner can bring smile on your face

    Most couples are seen going through emotional incompatibility in the present days. Understanding and emotional support from a partner is what a person looks for and most of the times, it is hard to find. However, the existence of platonic relationships has made it possible for two people to connect on an emotional level. Platonic … বিস্তারিত »