Bias of education and teacher

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Obaydul Islam Robi, Rajshahiঃ  Among 100 scalars Mahammad (SM) is the greatest. All are agree with this own age but of all ages’ intellectuals of all ages regard Mahammad (SM) is the greatest teacher, politician and religious pitcher.

But it is very regret that teachers are being demoralized in different ways now. Those who are now education Minister, Divisional commissioner, DC, UNO, Officer and even police officer demoralized the teachers, they should respect the teachers because these teachers help them to build up their career. We all should come forward for the teachers so that they can live a batter and respected life. This can be possible yet for this the changing of infrastructure is needed beside without the development of education nation and country cannot be developed.

Education technology of this country has been changed but its right step does not applied. Education infrastructures has been developed. There is much lack of education.

Government have to observe properly for the sake of education development. We have bare to give all kinds of opportunity with honor. Both education and teacher are important for the nation and country. Why are the different programs of the teachers like human bracket and hunger stick? Why do they give programs except institution? Government have to give importance on this subjects. As well as take some steps Owen self-corruption has to be removed from education sector. Otherwise it will be false that education is the backbone of nation.

Education is needed to build up a family, society and country by the good structures. The relation between education and teachers. The relation between education and teacher from the very beginning.

Everything like books, pens, chalks, silts, student depends on a teacher. The teacher is a creature of a society and a country. Every society or country has found its map owing to the civilization of the world. Its gets back its rights, general people achier the knowledge without any discretion, greed and money exchange do not come into their thought.

The teachers continually working hard only for the welfare of nation and country. The day has been change. The area of education has been expanded for different reasons for this the boundary of daily study of teachers is not constant.

A bearer must be needed to expanded education. If the education bearer teacher is trodden, demoralized and hungry, it is impossible to get right education. The population has been increased at the same time, the number of students who are keen to achier education hare been increased double. As there is no opportunity to get educated for them in the city schools, colleges and universities, many education institutions are build up in rural areas. These institutions are thatched or teen should or half brick built.

These institutions has been built up by the conscious people of their own areas. Teacher are studying the students without payment. Studying without payment is practiced in schools and college already not only students but also teachers have begun to continue their lives without payment. Teachers spend their time idly to change the system. They are going away from teaching and some teachers has teach still now. They have come out on roads from their institutions to achieve their aim. But once education and student were under the nursery of teachers.

Obaydul Islam Robi

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