“Been inappropriately touched on Holi”

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Entertainment Desk : Actress Shenaz Treasury, who is remembered as Alisha from the film “Ishq Vishk”, says she doesn’t feel safe on Holi as she has been “inappropriately touched”.
The actress, who shared a tweet on her ID Shenaz Treasury on Monday morning, says she has been touched with the excuse of “Holi hai” (It’s Holi)
“I don’t feel safe on Holi, I’ve been inappropriately touched a lot with the excuse of “Holi Hain”. So, sorry if I am not all that excited about Holi,” she wrote.

The “Delhi Belly” actress says it is a “little traumatic” for her.

“Truth is it’s a little traumatic. It’s not my shame it’s theirs. It’s not my shame,” she added.

On the silver screen, Shenaz was last seen in 2014 in “Main Aur Mr. Riight”. The film is about a girl in search of her Mr Right. It marked the Bollywood debut of popular television actor Barun Sobti.

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