BB lowers mobile banking transaction ceiling

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DHAKA : Bangladesh Bank has re-fixed the ceiling of the mobile banking transactions for checking any abuse of the service.

For cash in, a person can give Taka 15,000 maximum each day from now and the transaction will be twice every day while the limit was Taka 25,000 per day in five times, according to a circular issued on Wednesday.

Per month, a person can give Taka 1 lakh maximum at a maximum delivery of 20 times. Previously, the cash-in amount was set at Taka 1.50 lakh maximum per month.

For cash-out, one person can maximum withdraw Taka 10,000 per day at maximum twice daily. The maximum withdrawal per month is Taka 50,000 at a maximum of 10 takes.

Previously, the cash-out limit from agent was Taka 25,000 at three takes and Taka 1.50 lakh per month in 10 takes.

Also, after transfer, the receiving end cannot withdraw more than Taka 5,000 in the first 24 hours.

For withdrawing cash of Taka 5,000 and over, the receiver must show proper verification – national identity card or its photocopy – to the mobile banking agent.

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