B Chy for polls-time national govt

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Dhaka : Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh (BDB) president AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury on Friday proposed constituting an election-time national government to hold the 11th parliamentary elections in a free and acceptable manner.

“In the country’s present context, only the national government is the best alternative option for the neutral (election-time) administration. The terms ‘supportive and cooperative’ are vague. It’ll be possible to hold a good election if a national government can be formed with good people and all parties,” he said.

B Chowdhury, also a former President, came up with the remarks while speaking at a discussion at National Press Club arranged by Jatiya Swaran Mancha, marking the 33rd death anniversary of Liberation War Commander-in-Chief MAG Osmani.

The BDB chief also recommended keeping all the political cases suspended for two years to ensure the participation of all opposition parties in the next election.

“A level-playing field must be created before the election. Only God knows how many thousands cases have been filed against BNP leaders and activists and their associates. How will they join the election with such number of cases? It’s not fair,” he observed.

Referring to the Prime Minister’s offer to BNP chairperson for joining the election-time interim government before the January-5 election in 2014, B Chowdhury said Khaleda made a political blunder by turning down the proposal.

Mentioning that his party believes in change in power through election, not any other way, he said, “We’ve to take people on our side when election will come. All must keep in mind that when people get organised, no illegal administration can resist them.”

The BDB chief also observed that a neutral government, not the Election Commission, is crucial to holding a fair and acceptable election.

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