As a party of plunderers people have no faith in BNP

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DHAKA : Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said people have no confidence in BNP as it’s an organization of plunderers. The party captured the power through killing, coup and conspiracy and did nothing for changing the lots of the people.

“Though BNP says that they were in power for three times. But it’s true that they could do nothing for changing the lots of the people. They only have made their own fortunes, plundering public money and resorting reign of terror,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina hoped that the countrymen would elect Awami League again to continue the pace of development as they are enjoying the benefit of the ongoing progress and economic prosperity.

The Prime Minister was addressing the leaders of the party and its associate organizations as they arrived at her official residence Gonobhaban to greet her marking the 9th anniversary of her release from confinement of the military-backed caretaker government in 2008.

Leaders of the associate organizations of the Awami League greeted Sheikh Hasina with bouquet of flowers. General Secretary Obaidul Kader, senior party leaders, presidents and general secretaries and central leaders of the organizations were present. Publicity secretary of the party Dr Hasan Mahmud conducted the function.

The Awami League President was arrested from her Sudhasadan residence at Dhanmondi on July 16 in 2007 during the military-backed caretaker government, which assumed power on January 11, 2007 at the time of political change, popularly known as one-eleven.

After 11 months in captivity in an abandoned building dubbed by the caretaker government as ‘special sub-jail’ in the parliament complex premises she was released six months ahead of the general election as pressure was mounted at home and abroad.

Describing her suffering during the caretaker government the Prime Minister said the government implicated her in a number of false cases including murder when she was abroad. When she wanted to return home to face the cases in the court, the caretaker government prevented her from entering to the country.

The caretaker government asked all airlines authorities not to carry her as she booked air tickets with British Airways from USA to Dhaka. The government also warned Awami League leaders and workers not to go to the airport to receive me.

“They lodged false case against me, but had been preventing me from facing the case in the court. What a silly game they wanted to play,” Sheikh Hasina said adding that she was arrested without any warrant.

The Prime Minister said the caretaker government finally bowed head to public desire, allowing her to come to home. Being failed to keep her in abeyance from the people, the caretaker government confined her aimed at clinging to power, she said.

Awami League president recalled the movement of the students, teachers and progressive forces, particularly campaign of collecting signature of 2.5 million people for her release which made it possible to create a pressure on the caretaker government at home and abroad to set her free.

She also recalled the decisions taken by the grassroots workers during the caretaker government about the party leadership saying grassroots workers and leaders never made any mistake in taking decision.

Sheikh Hasina said the Awami League since its inception was going through many ups and downs and Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman earned independence for the nation amid huge sufferings and sacrifice.

In only three and half years, Bangabandhu laid the foundation of every sector to build newly independent Bangladesh as a prosperous nation. Bangladesh would have been a developed country in South Asia within ten years if Bangabandhu was not murdered, she said.

Sheikh Hasina said Bangabandhu was murdered under a deep conspiracy to disrupt the country’s progress. After 21 years, people could realize the necessity of a pro-people government after Awami League assumed power in 1996, she said.

The Prime Minister said BNP gave nothing to the people, except taking for themselves. Economic development of the grassroots people of Bangladesh is taking place during the rule of Awami League, she said.

Sheikh Hasina said Awami League could not come to power in 2001 as the party denied selling gas. BNP has taken the opportunity and came to power with the promise of selling scarce gas resources to foreign companies.

But taking office BNP resorted to a rule of torment, militancy, terrorism, money laundering, corruption and murder. In their five years rule BNP took the country to the verge of ruin, she said.

Pointing out the destructive politics of BNP from 2013 to 2015 the Prime Minister said in three month in 2015 they snatched peace from public life. They burnt about 3,000 people, killing about 500 people. Khaleda Zia wanted to go to power through terrorizing people and burning people alive.

But, angry people chased her from the party office in Gulshan from where she was conducting the politics of vengeance, she said.

Sheikh Hasina said BNP had made Bangladesh champion in corruption for five times consecutively. Now the country is a role model of development, dignifying the country position abroad. Bangladesh gets honour when Awami League remains in power, she said.

Hoping that the countrymen would elect Awami League again to continue the pace of development Sheikh Hasina said no people of Bangladesh will remain homeless and no people will die of without treatment and none will remain out of education.

By 2021 Bangladesh would be a middle income country and a developed one by 2041, the Prime Minister said.

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