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Obaydul Islam Robi, Rajshahi : The Thanapara Swallows is begets Garments Factory of North Bangal. The Swallows establish a democratic society by developing the socio-economic condition of the poor. And to empower the poor and underprivileged population by eradicating illiteracy, creating health awareness and self-employment, raising awareness among the landless for the right of land and empowering women by creating economic and social awareness.

In 1971, the Swedish organization, the swallows, hearing of the massacre and the resultant desperation of the survivors, began a relief program on 1st October 1973 providing food and clothing to the people of Thanapara named The Swallows Association for Social Voluntary Service, Thanapara project. The following year a primary School was also started for the poor Children and a handicraft program for the war-affected women of the village.
The thanapara swallows establish in 17th October in 1993 Charghat upazila of District Rajshahi.  The Swallows launch with 33 members who are injured 1971 war. On due time the Swedish organizing this institute 1971 to 1981. And after then ED Rayhan Ali has been taking the charge of Thanapara Swallows.

Since ganging full Independence from the Swallows Sweden organization on 1st July 1999, the Thanapara Swallows Development society has been seeking ways to make all programs sustainable without having to rely, now Thanapara Swallows Development Society implementing different projects, supported by different organizations.
Thanapara Village is located in the northwestern part of Bangladesh on the riverbank of Padma (Ganges) during the liberation period in 1971.


This quiet and peaceful village was transformed when on the 13th of April; the Pakistani Army suddenly invaded the village and killed over 100 unarmed men. The massacre was the largest atrocity in the Rajshahi District during the war. When the destruction of the male heads of household. The families in the village faced certain destitution and hopelessness. In this program, poor are organized in group to address some of the more pressing needs of the village. In addition their monies to create saving, they discuss social issues as dowry, health issues and social program.

In this regard Asst: ED Mahamuda Begum Guainea of Thanapara Swallows said currently, a full-time staff and representative members from the entire village program manage the Society.  The Handicrafts Program is a self-sustaining operation with 150 women work regularly. The formal Primary School has over 200 Student and maintains a waiting list of needy children. The village Development Program consists of some 3,500 members who are saving regularly. As example name Momana of village Helalpur Baga upazila of district Rajshahi. She has no Food for live, living house and land also. However The Thanapara swallows funded her prosperity. And now she completely establish to hard straggle. She has two son and both are educated. As same Rajaun, Nahar, Shahina and Mina become improved their self.

The Thanapara Swallows Manager Mynul Haque exposed the Aims and Object of the society, to contribute to poverty alleviation and for this purpose assist people to establish different income generating projects for self employment, thus help them so that they could become self-reliant long on. to advance and promote the equal status of women in the family, as well as in society, gender issues should be include in all awareness- raising activities and program, which are understand their real needs and problems, trace the casual links and to find out possible solutions. To motive organize and from groups of people from the local community and also help them understand their real needs and problems, trace the casual links and to find out possible solutions. The Swallows organize different training programs and increase and increase skill and awareness among the members through participatory training. He said more to undertake education programs for adults and children including the teacher on agriculture, culture, and vocational crafts and also to provide books to the deserving students. not only that to help claim, defend, retain and enhance the status and dignity of less privileged people of our working areas by supporting assistance to them, and if necessary rehabilitate them in the society also.
And ED Rayhan ali told, to entry into any arrangement with any Government Agency or local Authority and to obtain such right and privileges, concession and advantage that may seem conducive to the object and interests of the Society and to carry out. Exercise and to comply with such arrangements, rights, concessions, privileges and advantage. To establish and support the establishment of any Association, fund and trust deemed to benefit the employees of the Society or the dependents of such person and to do all such other lawful acts, deeds and thing as are incidental and conducive to the attainment of the aims and objects of them.

The handicraft program is an ethical business program deeper connection to the rural root. Born out to the humble resolve to empower to the marginalized rural women and enable to realize their full potential handicraft program is one of the biggest programs at TSDS since 1973. It has been working towards to the TSDS mission of empowering women through economic development human capacity building with specific focus on the empowerment of women. The purpose was to provide a platform of rural women where they could have a place to produce products and get a fair market price. Starting a journey with providing employment for a limited number of rural women Handicrafts program rapidly extended its support by working many other artisan and crafts.
The handicrafts program is divided into five sections as Weaving, Sewing, Embroidery, Block Batik and Coconut shell Button making in each of these section. The villagers to make products either by special order or for general sale use local materials items produced rang form handloom fabrics, to bed covers, wall hangings, women and children clothing to various types of bags. These products are sold largely in Japan, UK, Denmark, Korea, Taiwan, Australia and Sweden. The organization is a number of the World fair Trade Organization (WTFO), ECOTA Trade Forum, and Bangla Crafts. And Project officers Marsalin Sarker have been working of Ending Violence against women through Community Actioon Project.

The Thanpara Swallows Primary School Head master Aminul Hoque and other teacher as SM Sanaul Hoque, Golam Rosul, Sabania and Farzana teach the student. in beginning time of Swallows they are include this School. The Students enrolled in the Primary School Program all come from the poorest families in the village and consequently cannot afford to the Government School. Students receive instruction in both academic course work and vocational training. In the vocational training students are taught weaving, Weaving, Sewing, Embroidery and grading. There are also sports, drama, singing, and small-scale grading. Once a week students work in the Trade where they gain practical experience in farming techniques.
Over all in this program poor people are organized in groups to address some of the more pressing needs of the village. In addition to pooling their monies to create saving. They discuss social issues such as dowry, health and social problems.

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