84 Hajj agencies fined

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Dhaka : The government has fined 84 Hajj agencies Tk 35.15 million on a slew of charges.
Of those, 57 have been fined Tk 14.5 million for not having information on their clients in the Hajj database and 27 more fined Tk 20.65 million on various allegations made in Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia.

Twenty-one of the Hajj agencies, which faced similar allegations, have been warned and 81 others have been acquitted, according to two orders issued by the religious affairs ministry on Thursday.

The orders said a three-member committee inquired into the allegation against 113 Hajj agencies of not getting information of 751 of their clients who travelled to Saudi Arabia in 2016 to perform the annual pilgrimage.

Of these agencies, 57 were fined following the report made by the committee after checking the Hajj Management and Information System.

Chittagong’s Gulf Travels has been fined Tk 500,000. Its licence has also been suspended until Dec 31, 2018.

KG Progoti Air Service has been fined Tk 300,000 and its licence suspended for the year 2017.

The government had formed another committee of five to investigate allegations brought against 73 agencies in Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.

Following the report by the committee, 27 agencies have been fined and nine others warned.

Mawna Travels and Tours has been fined Tk 10 million. Its licence has been revoked and its security money forfeited.

The penalised Hajj agencies have been asked to deposit the fines within July 31.

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