5 Injured in clashes between Chattra League in Rajshahi New Gov. Degree College

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Obaydul Islam Robi Rajshahiঃ At least five people, including a policeman, were injured in clashes between two groups of Chattra league at Rajshahi New Gov Degree College. Two of the injured were admitted to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital on Monday noon.

Rajpara Police Station Officer-in-Charge Hafizur Rahman Hafiz said, that the clash took place between supporters of College Chattra League President Mainul Islam Bappi and general secretary Baitul Hossain Bari. They said that the two leaders of the president and the General Secretary were involved in the clash.

At this stage they were involved in the clash. Police brought the situation under control. Four people on both sides were injured in the clashes. The injured were identified as Bakhtiyar Fahim, Dipu, Akash. The name of the other is not known. Two of the injured were admitted to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. Others are given primary treatment. One constable was injured in the clash after police stopped the clash.

Officer-in-Charge of Rajshahi New Gov Degree College, Jaradze Kadir, said that the incident happened in the area between the two sides. Later the police went to control the situation. Principal Jargish Kadir said that the leaders of the Chattra league, including teachers and police, took initiative to resolve the matter with the two parties.

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